dear blogging world, today was a really hard really dark day. I’m back to work after a month and a half break, and though it’s only part time, I’m dealing with both a hand injury and battling depression and anxiety every day. it’s been a struggle. I didn’t write a poem today. but while browsing through old notes I found this piece… I have no idea when I wrote this, but I really needed to read it, tonight, right now.  thanks, past me. remember to thank your past selves for getting you to wherever you are today.

April Resistance
Untitled #5

Give me back to me
Unbind my sick brite eyes
Dampen the tip tap of typing fingertips
Feed my skin the sun it hungers for,
I am my only god/goddexx
Give me back to me
Froth like freed unicorns from a raging night sea
Under Haggard’s castle
Give me back to me
Quiet the din of men’s voices, men’s wants
Chop them down at point blank day one don’t flinch
Don’t give an inch
Give life back to me
Bend at the knees
Untuck chin
Extend musculature
Lift with the core
Give me back to me
Give me my femininity
Give me my masculinity
Let it all be pink
Let it all be me


thanks for reading.




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