love bloom

well, I’ve learned that I don’t really have any creative energy after a day of work and errands. here is the first half? third? of the piece I started tonight. hopefully tomorrow I find time and brainpower to craft something more complete.  under the cut.

April Resistance
Untitled #4

the days are all red:
noonsun beyond closed lid.
we roam bayside streets.
we kiss in each other’s beds.
the sun spins on in Cancer.
tonguing skin to taste sweat.
cool showers, then shady nap.
red sweater for the trip.


(this poem reads/feels extremely generic which is something I don’t like about it. I tried playing around with rhyming as a way to take it easy on myself (my tired brain) but I don’t usually work with end rhymes, so even those got muddled. the poem is supposed to be about a ‘love bloom’ or ‘love bomb,’ a phenomena that happened to me during an acid trip that I haven’t been able to articulate yet.)

also hi? if you’re reading this? thank you? whoever you are?         i love you<3


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