December 30th, 2016

You know when you make promises because you mean to keep them but life throws a curveball or a crisis, requires attention, eats time like midnight snacks while midnight laughs and laughs? That’s me and this blog. I’ve started blog posts, taken notes for reviews I want to do, guilted myself for leaving this blog space unattended, but the influx of Words lately have been worse than earwax, blocking hearing bungling my brain. But I have been writing. I wrote thank you responses to nearly every birthday wish I received; I started a birthday blog post at 2AM after returning home from dancing, but hopefully that will end up as a poem. I wrote a series of tweets while manic concerning revelations and my love for Brand New. I wrote someone in so many words that I cared, that I’d care for them as long as they’ll let me. Last night I wrote half a song, left hand fingers barely tapping guitar strings from callous-pain, right thumb strumming at low volume, giddy to continue working on it til there’s a result. It’s all just words. Keep them coming. Right now I’m eating garlic hummus, fancy cheese and canned plums, and feeling grateful for the sunset I saw tonight from Glass Beach, the orange rip across the skyline hovering above the Sound, the clouds a patient sort of angry, a sort of crescendo. I’m grateful last night I asserted my space, that today was filled with stressful tasks but somehow stayed stress free. Here’s to no. Here’s to now. 


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