during my last quarter at Western, I enrolled in a graduate level poetry class, which only cemented my fervor for poetry. my professor, Oliver de la Paz, has been pushing and supporting me since spring of 2015 to become a better poet and writer, and this course was no exception.

the final project for this course was either to complete a portfolio or a chapbook, and I decided to go the hard way ;). TRIP: POEMS is a collection of 16 poems written over the course of my last year at Western. their main concern is the natural world in general and the Pacific Northwest in particular, but I also wove my dealings with an abusive relationship into the threads of the story. it’s about road trips, acid trips, and trips through the strange paths of friendship.

I see myself extending this into a full length book of poetry in the future, or at least doing some extensive editing and submitting some of these poems to publications, but for now please enjoy my first poetry chapbook for free. the project itself is made up of poems pasted intentionally on pages from a road atlas, and the pages often correspond with the meaning of the poems. most of the poems are prose poetry, but not all. TRIP: POEMS is the product of many hours of writing, editing, cutting, pasting, laminating, and worrying. it’s one of the first tangible outcomes of my writing endeavors, and I definitely feel proud of the outcome.

Click to read TRIP: POEMS

on my last day as a student

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